Jade Lee, president and founder of Supply-Chain Services, will speak on the topic of Industry-Specific Certifications at the 2017 Annual Conference and Exhibition of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, May 2-4 at the M Resort in Henderson, Nev. Jade will join nearly 100 other industry leaders examining topics, trends and issue of importance to the IT asset-management industry. Several thousand association members and guests are expected to attend the 15th annual conference, focused on the theme, Superhero for Business. IAITAM is the professional association for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management (“ITAM”), Software Asset Management (“SAM”), Hardware Asset Management, and the lifecycle processes supporting IT Asset Management in organizations of every size and industry across the globe. Following is a summary of Jade’s presentation. Session Title: Are Industry Specific Certifications Sufficient? The Key Areas You Show Know for Performing Detailed On-Site Audit Session Overview: Many corporations choose their ITAD/electronics recycling service provider without even performing an on-site audit. They solely rely on R2 or e-Steward certification to do the auditing job, then they choose vendor based on pricing. As many R2 and/or e-Steward certified service providers were exposed for illegal exporting, it underscores the importance that without an in-depth audit on service providers, the corporate decision maker may subject his/her company to serious legal, environmental and image loss liabilities. The presenter Jade Lee was invited by the US EPA to help develop the original R2 standard and has pushed R2 to implement “unannounced audit” program which was adopted in 2015. Jade will detail the critical areas where corporations need to delve into and the tricks that many service providers may play to deceive auditors and customers. She will also delineate methods that corporations can use to discern the true practice of service providers to mitigate liabilities. Jade Lee’s Bio: Jade Lee is the President/CEO of Supply-Chain Services, Inc. (SSI). Under Jade’s leadership, SSI has become a corporate customer’s value chain partner capable of delivering integrated solutions in the ITAD, electronics recycling, data destruction and reverse supply chain management arena. SSI holds 9 key industry certifications, currently the most in the industry. Jade plays an active leadership role in the industry, including serving as the Secretary of the Electronics Recycling Division of the industry association ISRI. She was also invited by NAID as a taskforce member to help develop the certification program for Solid State Storage Device (SSD) Data Sanitization. Jade is sought after speaker of industry conferences. Her presentations consistently impress audiences with visionary and in-depth perspectives on critical issues facing corporate customers and services providers. Jade received her MBA degree from Northwestern University. Prior to founding SSI, Jade worked at Fortune 100 companies whereby she dealt with multi-billion OEM suppliers.

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