SSI provides a full range of electronics recycling and lifecycle asset management services to customers in several important markets:


For manufacturers, SSI helps identify and implement strategic options for secure destruction of confidential data, equipment, and other assets. SSI provides total accountability in final disposition of assets, destruction of digital data and final disposition compliance-reporting. Services include the secure destruction of IT equipment and hard drives which may contain confidential customer and employee information.


Enterprise Corporations

Corporations and professional services firms rapidly and regularly outgrow their IT equipment. SSI helps these customers dispose of outdated equipment while managing all the accompaning data and environmental risks. Businesses rely on SSI to securely manage disposition of IT assets and securely destroy confidential information left on obsolete equipment. We comply with all applicable environmental regulations, and we provide reporting to meet corporate compliance requirements.


Financial Institutions

SSI meets the needs of banks and other financial services providers for secure IT asset disposition services. Customers in these sectors can rely on SSI for brand protection with data security and destruction services that ensure the prevention of unauthorized access to systems and misuse of data. Services include secure data destruction, hard drive destruction and shredding, and recycling of obsolete equipment that cannot be remarketed.



For healthcare institutions and provider organization, SSI manages end-of-lifecycle asset management services that help customers comply with national legislation and regulations. Working with SSI, healthcare industry customers know they have a service provider who can deliver a full range of solutions and provide full accountability regarding the disposal of IT assets and medical devices and equipment.


Government Agencies

Government agencies have a crucial need for managing and disposing of confidential digital information. SSI ensures data security and destruction of confidential information on digital storage devices during IT asset disposition, adhering to NSA, NIST 800-88 and HMG standards, in addition to environmental regulations are important considerations for most government agencies.


Educational Institutions

Educational institutions can turn to SSI to manage the secure disposition of electronic and IT equipment. Our solutions comply with local, state and federal regulatory and legislative requirements. Project examples include PC lab cleanouts, student IT and electronic waste collection events, disposal of administrative and faculty computer equipment, and data center upgrades or relocations.