Reverse Logistics Management Services

Reverse logistics comes into play when equipment reaches the end of its lease or the end of its useful life.  At SSI, the term also refers to the processes that lead to a product’s disposition through remarketing, redeployment or environmentally secure recycling.  Reverse logistics differs from the forward supply chain in the physical distribution flow, and is characterized by sporadic and random routing that presents unique challenges.

SSI’s lifecycle asset management services include reverse logistics management. As a leading provider of reverse logistics services, SSI applies proven capabilities to offer end-to-end, turnkey solutions, customized to meet the customer’s needs.  Our process encompasses the following steps:

  • Receive return products and verify items (such as model and S/N) and quantity against OEM’s RMA list
  • Notify OEM on receiving records so they can settle with distributors and/or retailers.
  • Inspect and record each asset’s physical condition, parts/accessories, etc.
  • Perform testing and functionality tasks if applicable
  • Perform data sanitization if applicable
  • Detailed report on each asset including: RMA no., receipt date, shipper location, B/L no., model, S/N, condition code, etc.
  • Inventory, stage, pick/pack and ship to locations where OEM designates
  • Assist OEM remarket the sellable items


Contact us to receive presentations and white papers on the following topics:

  • How to audit your ITAD and recycling services provider
  • Strategies to optimize return on investment (ROI) through effective reverse supply chain programs
  • Critical issues in establishing a viable supply chain / reverse logistics management program



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