Higher Level Thinking and Exceptional Execution Deliver What’s Next

Supply-Chain Services delivers what’s next in technology asset recovery, electronics recycling and data destruction. At SSI, our higher level thinking – based on successful experience addressing our customers’ most complex problems – drives us to deliver electronics recycling and supply chain management solutions that protect the environment while earning the trust of our customers.

Supported by superior management systems, processes and infrastructure, SSI is agile in helping customers understand and manage change. SSI gets to the next level of service to anticipate our customers’ ever-changing needs.

At SSI, we deliver what’s next.

Superior management systems, processes and infrastructure

SSI constantly improves our management systems, processes and infrastructure to enhance customer service.Customers who come to SSI for solutionsexpect us to use our experience and discipline to adapt our processes and infrastructure to create and implement customized services.

As an example of how SSI’s management systems help our customers, consider the important issue of EPEAT registration. We thoroughly understand the EPEAT Standards, including  IEEE 1680.2 for Imaging Equipment, 1680.3 for Televisions and 1680.1 for Personal Computer Products. SSI has delivered extensive support to our OEM customers in their pursuit of EPEAT Registration by  providingall key documents and flowcharts required by EPEAT. We also have helped OEM customers establish Take Back Programs  required by EPEAT. And our management systems support our OEM customers manage their respective state E-waste programs.

What differentiates SSI

  • The only service provider with nine key certifications
  • IT asset recovery management program generates optimal value for customers’ retired equipment
  • Best management practices forelectronics recycling to mitigate customers’ environmental and legal liabilities
  • Parts harvest/fulfillment service saves millions of dollars for our OEM customers while generating additional revenues
  • Reverse logistics service optimizes value on returned products
  • Secured and meticulous data destruction management consistently surpasses DoD’sforensic lab testing requirements
  • Detailed and accurate analytical reports help customers make timely business decisions
  • Global management capabilities include a network ofaudited and approved partners