Data Sanitization and Secure Data Destruction – Applying Best Practices

SSI’s secured and meticulous data destruction management consistently surpasses U.S. Department of Defense forensic lab testing requirements.
Our detailed de-manufacturing yields up to a 98 percent recycling rate, positioning our customers as sustainability leader in their industries.
Stringent due-diligence auditing on downstream processors ensures that all the special wastes (circuit board, CRT glass, battery, lamp, toner, tamper-proof glass, etc.) are responsibly managed.
We hold four NAID Data Destruction Certifications for secured data destruction on computers, cell phones, tablets, printer/copiers, flash drives, CD/DVDs, tapes, etc.

Secured and Complete Data Destruction

Per NAID’s auditors and enterprise customers, SSI has the most stringent procedures in the industry to ensure secured and complete data destruction:

  • Daily software calibration to ensure all software works correctly
  • Pre-sanitization quality check of all hard drives
  • Comprehensive sanitization process: SSI’s default is  three wipes per DoD’s spec, while most competitors only perform one wipe
  • Dedicated software, per ISO 9001 quality control requirement, verifies sector-by-sector complete erasure of data. Most of the industry peers do not have this extra key step in place.
  • Detailed report on hard drive serial number, type and size matches each equipment’s serial number for high-level tracking
  • For non-erasable hard drives, shredding method is used
  • SSI also provides onsite data destruction services nationally at corporate customer’s offices and data center