Supply-Chain Services, Inc. (SSI) is a leading IT Asset Disposal & Electronics Recycling company.

SSI helps its customers by performing a number of services, including IT Asset Recovery, Data Wiping, Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, Electronics Disposal, E-waste Disposal and E-waste Recycling.

Our E-Waste Disposal and Recycling is R2/RIOS certified, giving you peace of mind that materials are recycled in the most environmentally sound manner.

SSI’s Data Destruction procedures are certified by NAID, and includes wiping hard drives per DoD specs, protecting you from liability. We are well known for our state-of-the-art facilities, superior services and high standards of performance for IT Asset Recovery and Electronics Recycling.

SSI is your best choice for Electronics Disposal throughout the United States and internationally.


  IT asset disposal

  Data wiping

  IT asset recovery

  Data destruction

  Electronics disposal

  Electronics recycling

  E-waste disposal & recycling



Electronics and Laptop Asset Recovery

Efficiency, accuracy and timeliness in reverse supply chain activities are a priority for leading manufacturers. Products that are returned or traded in are usually of value.

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Medical Electronics Recycling

SSI's renowned electronics recycling services have helped position customers to be environmentally sound sustainability leaders. SSI's recycling rate is more than 98%.

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